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People Value’s Executive Coaching Program for Sustainable Results 
Utilising the Dr Tony Grant Grow Model

Business and entrepreneurial development coaching is a vehicle for optimizing you  business, your awareness and enabling you to develop and expand the business you envision. The one-on-one coaching allows you to more readily advance your business goals, and is necessary for this to happen. It puts you in charge of how you want your business to work.

Most people who go into business for themselves do so because they love what they do but don’t love the details of running the small business. A one-on-one business development coach can help you to:

  • Work better, not harder.
  • Prioritise your goals for maximum effectiveness
  • Improve your clarity and focus on what steps are needed
  • Help create sustainable motivation to keep you on track and focused on your goals

The People Value Coaching Philosophy
At People Value our philosophy is that coaching is about change through personal transformation and growth.

We believe the manager is the ‘expert’ in his/her given situation; thus our coaching process supports them in discovering and reaching their full potential.

We stimulate this self-discovery of expanded horizons and new possibilities by asking the right questions such that solutions evolve from within, rather than providing “the answers”. It’s about working together to maximize the leader/manager’s ability to recognize and self-generate new, adaptive and successful actions.

The manager/leader collaboratively works with the coach to assess strengths and areas for development.  They prepare and implement a plan to focus on that development, and the leader/manager practices essential skills on real tasks in the business.

Executive Coaching  for Sustainable Results
As the leader/manager develops new skills in the business, colleagues at all levels experience the changes first-hand.

People Value are flexible. We listen and custom design the coaching and development program to meet the individual and business needs.

People Value’s Executive Coaching initiative enhances the capability of current and emerging leaders.  It offers managers and senior executives personal access to experienced executive coaches with practical skills and knowledge.

Our coaches work one-one with individuals to enhance their skills by focusing on a range of pivotal capabilities including leadership, lifelong learning, innovation and entrepreneurship, and delivery desired outcomes.

People Value achieves this through a unique and rigorous coaching process involving an initial assessment and needs analysis, goal setting and action planning to maximize individual and organisational effectiveness.

People Value’s panel of elite executive coaches have had senior executive positions and have extensive hands on experience.  They completely understand the complexity of the demanding challenges facing today’s managers.  People Value coaches serve as strategic partners to the executive leader in an objective, confidential and positive manner to enable optimal performance.

A Logical Solution
Great teams of elite sporting identities use coaches to build their successes.  They know that raw talent is rarely enough these days.  They recognize that top-level coaches help their clients find something extra in themselves.

Executive Coaching is increasingly becoming recognized by industry as a focused development approach for managers to build high-level self-management skills that deliver long-term, sustainable individual and organisational benefits.

Coaches provide one-on-one guidance to executives, enabling the application of extended knowledge and new skills in the workplace.

People Value provides top-level coaching for businesses and individuals seeking to optimize and sustain high level work performance.

For the coaching process to deliver real workplace outcomes, leaders need access to coaches with the ability to impart the lessons of their relevant experience and knowledge.  People Value’s coachings have the knowledge, networks, strategic capacity and practical experience to deliver real outcomes.  Further, they are a source of external, objective and confidential feedback and advice.

Our practical six step approach is based on the research work of Dr. Anthony Grant from the University of Sydney’s Coaching Psychology Unit.

The approach is conceptualized as follows:

  • Define the issue – involves a thorough growth needs analysis and interview with a People Value Coach.
  • Diagnosis and needs assessment – a range of analysis tools are used to determine the individual’s current strengths and areas for development, level of self-awareness, impact on others and preferred working style.
  • Intention setting – specific outcomes, timelines and evaluation points are developed and agreed.
  • Action plan – using the diagnostic analysis in step two, the coach and individual underpin goal setting via an action plan.
  • Monitor and evaluate – throughout the program there are in built mechanisms to evaluate progress and modify Strategic Intentions and desired outcomes where necessary.
  • Formally recognize, celebrate and share success – reinforcing behavioural change.

Assessment and Feedback
People Value conducts a comprehensive assessment and development feedback process to commence the coaching programs.

Participants will discover career motivators, values, strengths and development potential.  Through methods such as 360-degree feedback and personality profiling managers will better understand their impact upon others at work.

Recommended Coaching Component
People Value recommends a commitment of six intensive coaching consultations taken over a minimum of six months.

After the initial six session individuals often embark on a major breakthrough project for the organisation and they are keen to have additional sessions to support them in this and to consolidate their new skills and strategies.

Further coaching sessions to support change can be added upon request.

A Unique Development Opportunity
People Value’s Executive Coaching Programs provide a unique development vehicle for the individual.  One of the many unique aspects of the Executive Coaching Programs is access to People Value Clients for every coaching participant, providing a world of opportunities to support all learning and development needs.

Executive Coaching Outcomes

For the organisation:

  • Improved performance aligned with organisation goals
  • Accelerated implementation of your organisation’s strategic objectives
  • Development and retention of talented managers
  • Increased strategic agility and flexibility
  • Enhanced decision making capabilities
  • Development of highly focused and strategic teams that deliver desired outcomes
  • Improved succession planning
  • Higher visibility of the business’s employment brand

For the individual:

  • Increased capacity in current and future roles
  • Mastery of newly acquired skills, through practice and support
  • Greater emotional intelligence
  • Enhanced understanding of impact on others
  • Dedicated time for breakthrough projects and outcomes, with expert guidance
  • Increased ability to generate opportunities from work and career challenges
  • Support for managers to ensure highly strategic deliverables